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Farrafina is a resource for helping persons of all ages to remain healthy. We have guides, information, and more about how to keep yourself active, healthy and free of disease. Farrafina was created because we want to help the world in 3 ways: Lifestyle, Health, and Wellness. These 3 pillars of health are the basis for our foundation and are the supreme resource in maintaining a healthy life. This website was compiled from many resources, including

The Web MD

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Health Guides

The definition of health in common usage is that of the World Health Organization. Health is not just the absence of...

What does the optimal health of an adult look like? We have a list of indicators, from A to Z

Health Basics


  • Eat healthy meals whenever possible. No fast food, no processed foods.
  • Take care when lifting heavy things; furniture, weights, etc. Use a back support brace like this if necessary!
  • Exercise goes a long way. Try to exercise as often as you can - exercise helps the heart, brain, and muscles.
  • Avoid partaking in activities that harm your health - things like smoking and drinking actively harm the body.
  • Wear sunscreen to prevent skin from developing cancerous cells